Presented by HackGT


HackGT presents Catalyst, a FREE day of STEAM directed towards high school students in the Metro Atlanta Area.

This will be an opportunity for participants to:

  • Learn about the world of STEAM and Computer Science as a career path.
  • Gain insight into impactful, widely known tech companies.
  • Receive mentorship from college students and industry professionals.
  • Connect with more opportunities at Georgia Tech & in the city to further their education and exposure.

Are you a current Georgia Tech student? You can still participate in this event! Each year GT students volunteer as mentors to help facilitate the projects and activities included in each track. This is an opportunity for you to directly interact with high school students from the Metro Atlanta area and share your passion and knowledge for computer science and engineering. Responsibilities of mentors include:

  • Co-leading a student cohort of up to 12 students
  • Encouraging mentees to network within cohorts
  • Encouraging mentees to learn throughout the day
  • Encouraging mentees to learn after Catalyst is over
  • Arriving on-time and staying throughout the entire duration of the event

During the Day

Throughout the day, students will follow one of four tracks: Robotics, Gaming, Information Security, or MusicTech.

Each track will have workshops allowing students to build a piece of technology they can take home. Additionally, there will be opportunities for students to engage with industry professionals and college students.

We want to show high school students the value of computer science, which is why we are providing all of the resources you'll need to get started!


Catalyst has been postponed to the Fall. Check back in during that time for details!



Ever wonder how robots are made? In the Robotics track, you will get to:

  • Learn about electronic basics
  • How to create and control your own devices
  • Construct your own robot!

If you have a spark in interest, come join hardware!


Everyone has played video games but have you ever made one? On the Gaming track you will learn about:

  • How to build popular video games from games like Mario to Rocket League!
  • Game Design through level creation, animations, and character creation through block-based coding
  • The fundamentals of computing concepts by creating your video game

Info Security

As you browse through Instagram, you're not the only one scrolling through your feed. Data is being collected every second, and you are no exception. On the Information Security track, you will learn about:

  • How to protect yourself from cyber vulnerabilities, attacks, and every day pitfalls
  • Topics surrounding cybersecurity, such as cryptography and stenography
  • Collaborative software development through Github


Are you interested in producing beats for the next biggest Soundcloud rapper? On the Music Technology track, you will learn about:

  • The intersection between music and programming
  • The fundamentals of 2 popular computer programming languages, Javascript and Python
  • How to create a new fire track or remix your favorite songs with code


Who can attend?

High school students from all school districts are welcome to register for the event!

Should I bring anything?

Participants must bring their forms from registration to the event. You will not be allowed to participate without them!

Where is Catalyst?

The event will be in the Klaus Advanced Computing Building at Georgia Tech.

Are parents allowed to come?

Although we are grateful for parental support, this is a student-only event from check-in on.

How do I choose which track to attend?

Participants will be able to choose which track they would like to attend during registration.

What is HackGT?

HackGT is a student organization and 501(c)(3) non-profit at Georgia Tech devoted to Computer Science outreach in collegiate and high school communities. To learn more, check out our organization website here.

What is the A/B schedule? Which one should I pick?

To accomodate as many students as possible, we have split the schedule into two sections, A and B. The A schedule runs from 9am - 7pm and the B schedule runs from 10am - 8pm. Both schedules will get the same instructions; they differ only in the start and end times as well as the timing for a presentation. Whichever schedule you choose has no effect on the content you learn, so pick the one that is most convenient for you! Please note that students being picked-up or dropped-off together should register for the same session.

What steps are you taking to ensure participants' safety and health during this event?

Effective immediately, Georgia Tech is requiring that all large-scale campus events adopt enhanced public health protocols. As event organizers, we will increase available hand sanitizer as well as adopt more stringent pre- and post-cleaning regimens. This includes using cleaning products that disinfect and focusing on shared surfaces such as tabletops, door handles, and the like. We are monitoring the situation and will keep you updated. The health and safety of everyone involved in Catalyst is of our utmost importance. For any additional questions or concerns, please contact us at [email protected]!

Other Questions?

Email us at [email protected] and we'll be happy to help!


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Interested in sponsoring Catalyst? Send us an email to [email protected] - we're looking forward to working with you!